Have you ever wondered what are the go-to market strategies that major advertisers use? Guess what, you're going to find out.


When "big brands" hire agencies for hundreds of thousands of dollars, those agencies need to deliver with detailed marketing strategies, right? The thing is, after a while you realize these strategies aren't all that different from each other.


Sure, large advertisers can have the luxury of a "marketing mix" that spans from Print advertising to TV to Online Video (OLV) to Paid Search. But guess what: a good marketing strategy should work regardless of the media (or if you want to get metaphysical about it, "media agnostic"). Which means it should be scalable regardless of budget as well.


So what if someone took all the elements that worked for the "big brands" but built a marketing strategy fit for businesses with scrappier budgets? Like Small Businesses or Startups. These businesses need to be the most efficient with their budgets afterall - they could use some of those strategies that the "pros" use too!


And that's what I did.


I built a marketing strategy that scales to help business of all sizes and types grow: from small businesses, to startups, to teams just looking to get things done on a tight budget.


The thing is. A strategy is only as good as the execution.


So I took it a step further, and I've included step-by-step instructions on how to execute each one of these. After over 20 years in digital marketing and advertising, I can safely say that I've seen my fair share of failures and successes, and the lessons from each of those have been applied in this book.

Marketing Strategies In A Digital Age

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